iPod Touch 4G Lets You FaceTime Friends & Capture 720p Videos; No Stills Though

September 7, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wouldn’t you like to have your iPod Touch to flaunt features such as front and back cameras that would allow you to FaceTime your friends and also capture 720p video? It’s time to gear up for such a device. Apple is set for launch of the new iPod Touch with all these add-ons.

The new iPod Touch 4G may be seen as an improvement on its predecessor. To come with a pretty awesome Retina Display screen and slim form factor, apart from the front and back cameras, one disappointing aspect about the new device would be that it wouldn’t be good with stills.

The reason being that the rear camera sensor would be less than 1MP and is designed for just 960 x 720 pixels! The iPhone 4-esque 5MP camera incorporated in the device, however, would help you and point-and-shoot good quality videos.

Slim in the strictest sense of the word, the upcoming iPod Touch 4G has all in it to lure potential buyers  who already have a pocket-sized digital camera for shooting stills but want a better iPhone 4-esque video cam.

Free Facetime video chats are some thing that would be of interest to you and can make you  go in for this device when it finally arrives.

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