Apple iPhone 5 is Not a Reality, But Who Will Convince the Fanatics!

September 7, 2010, By Atul Roach

With the Apple iPhone 4 just being a couple of months old (not from the time it was found lying on a dance floor), it is hard to believe that the fanatics have already started talking about the next generation of iPhones. Not just talking, they are readying their own designs (as though to please Cupertino), giving flight to the fancy, to say the least. One of the fanatics has created a design which is much slimmer than even the recently revealed iPod Touch, forget comparing the sizes with the iPhone 4.

His design is to unrealistic to be true at this point in time, however, there is every chance that Cupertino will end up selling a slim iPhone some time in the future and when it happens, that iPhone variant will be the most rocking edition of an iPhone ever.

Another one of the designers has a cartoon-edition of his iPhone 5 ready and he believes that the iPhone 5 will differ from the others with a discreet set of applications which we’ve never come across before. Applications like ‘Attracting UFOs’ and ‘enabling exfoliation and time travel’ are the ones on his list.

Let us just wait for the current generation Apple iPhone to get rid of its problems and probably then, we will like to give the iPhone 5 a more realistic touch. For now, we just intend to enjoy the creativity of these fanatics.

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