Animated Google Logo is The Funniest Doodle We’ve Seen (Google Balls)

September 7, 2010, By Alex Ion

Google likes to play, and to back my sayings check out today’s doodle available on the US version of Google. This is probably one of the most interesting logos we’ve seen so far.

Google Animated Balls

The Google logo today is made of sensitive balls that spell out the name and react to the pointer of your mouse : move it closer to the balls and they will disperse, go away and they’ll settle down.

So what does this ball-animated Google logo mean? We can’t tell for sure, as it’s not clickable to tell us what’s the story behind, but our guess is that it probably marks Google’s birthday.

The company was incorporated on September 4th, 1998, but folks in Mountain View celebrate its birthday on either September 7th or September 27th of the year.

What’s interesting about this Google Doodle is that the company just proved what can be done with standard web technologies: some say they used styled divs with CSS border radius attribute and Javascript to move them around, other say they’ve used SVG vector graphics or even the HTML5 canvas element (but that may be wrong, as Google wants all Internet users to be able to see the logo, not just those with high-tech machines, so SVG & HTML may be out of the question).

Happy Birthday, Google!

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