Angry Birds Lite Beta Free Demo Surfaces for Android Users

September 7, 2010, By Atul Roach

We’ve loved Angry Birds on our beloved Apple gadgets but it seems that the Apple gang will not remain the privileged one in the future. The second influential unit to join the Cupertino fanatics will hail from the Google Android territory as the Free Demo version of the game has arrived on Android. The Android users can download the free demo and try out the Lite Beta version of Angry Birds and this also confirms that the puzzle video game is all set to be released full throttle on Android.

Currently an Apple gadgetry specific game (oh really!), Roveo the developer of Angry Birds has sold 6.5 million copies and the number is only expected to swell with the Android brigade ready to invade the gameplay.

Roveo is using this free demo as a promotional tool and also as an opportunity to get rid of the bugs before the full game version is made available. While the game will run full time on the latest Android devices, the older Android version users (Android 1.6 probably) will not be that lucky, owing to hardware constraints.

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