Samsung Galaxy Tab to be Available for a Sub-$300 Price When Attached to a Carrier; Takes on Apple iPad

September 6, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Looking to own a Samsung Galaxy Tab? Chances are that the tablet would go on sale for a price much below the Apple’s iPad, when attached to a carrier. In other words, the Samsung Galaxy Tab would be available on its carrier for a price below $300. This when compared to its full price – touted to be somewhere around $900 – could be a steal.   The $300-price would then mean that the Galaxy Tab could cost much less that the iPad.

Doesn’t that give us something to really dream of? We now need to know which carrier in the US would get the Galaxy Tab. Reports suggest that talks have been initiated with US carriers in this regard.

The sub-$300 price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab on a carrier network could be part of the company’s strategy towards carrier discounts.

However, the discount is more likely to come with the clause for a contract which would force users to lock themselves into two years of data contract even if many wouldn’t want that.

But then, when the tablet comes for half the price of a 3G iPad (which costs $629) we don’t think many would mind that.

We are just waiting for the tablet to launch in the North American region. We, in the meantime, get to hear that Germany and Italy might see the device first.

We are also told that Vodafone’s European branches are gearing up for the Android hardware, which is likely to be final and in place by October.

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