New PS3 Jailbreak Available; Nokia N900 or Palm Pre Needed

September 6, 2010, By Alex Ion

Some two weeks ago we were learning that an USB dongle that costs $170 is capable to jailbreak the Playstation 3. Now we’re hearing that all you need to hack your PS3 is a tethered smartphone, actually a Nokia N900 or a Palm Pre.

PSFreemdom PS3 jailbreak

The USB flash drive that was supposed to jailbreak the PS3 has been banned with all  shipments (and the item subject to injunction) being seized by an Australian court. Which is why some creative software developers (the nice word for hackers) modded and ported the hard and lengthy process to the N900 and the Pre.

Guilty for porting the PS3 jailbreak to the Nokia N900 are the folks from Kakaroto, while Blake_Zero is in charge with modifying the PSFreedom scheme for the Pre.

Keep in mind that there are risk attached to jailbreaking your Playstation 3 with these methods (check the links above for full details), and they’re only intended for expert users with Linux/coding knowledge; otherwise you may end up having a bad experience. However, if you still try it, give us more info on how it went.

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