Fallout 3’s Nuke Cola Vending Machine Replica

September 6, 2010, By Christian Davis

Who’s thirsty? The soda that isn’t even supposed to be invented yet looks delicious. If you’ve played Fallout 3, then you’ll definitely have a little smirk on your face from the images below.

Thanks to Hack n Mod they have created this gorgeous replica. It has everything you’d expect: worn old Vendo 96 soda machine, custom stickers and even has it’s own bottle. Who knew that using a Mikes Hard Lemonoade bottle and Nuke Cola label would make the perfect replica.

With the addition of a blue LED light, the soda will even glow. Now that this has been created, there is no reason that this shouldn’t be featured at every gaming expo throughout the world. Along with the free energy drinks, let us buy Nuke Cola.

I know you agree.

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