How to Stop YouTube Autoplay in Firefox, Chrome and Opera

September 4, 2010, By Fouad Bajwa

youtube autoplayActive YouTube users usually run into problems when trying to load more videos simultaneously. What kind of problems? Well the most common problem witnessed is the irritation of hearing multiple sounds from videos loading in the background.

To overcome this problem, we have prepared a tutorial that teaches you how to disable Youtube’s Autoplay option in various web browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Opera).

Stop YouTube Autoplay in Firefox

An add-on available on Mozilla’s website, called “Stop Autoplay” (download here), is the most simple solution for Firefox users who’re trying to avoid the automatic playing syndrome. More to it, Stop Autoplay allows the user to play only those videos they want.

How-to Prevent YouTube Autoplay in Firefox, Chrome and Opera

Once you have installed this add-on, it makes each video wait in standby mode until the user clicks on it — this is how it should have been in the first place, right Google?

This Firefox extension is compatible with other online video services too and you should read what options it has from its download page. The Stop Autoplay feature has two methods to avoid automatic playing of video, first, automatically pause the player and second, lock the embedded player.

Stop YouTube Autoplay in Chrome

If you’re using Chrome, then there’s an extension called “Stop Autoplay for YouTube” (download here) that has been developed to prevent YouTube videos autoplaying when a page is opened.

By using this add-on, you can now easily control the video Autoplay option. Once this extension is installed, it performs its function automatically that it keeps the video on hold until the user hits the play button. On top of that, the “Stop Autoplay for YouTube” extension allows pre-buffering which does not interfere at the time any Youtube video page is accessed.

Stop YouTube Autoplay in Opera

Opera users can use “YousableTubeFix” (download here), a freely available script that modifes the entire interface of a website in any way you like.

Its settings allows you to disable the autoplay capability of any Youtube video, to choose the amount of comments that can appear per page, the default display of related videos, the footer and skip age verification as well as choose the quality of the video being viewed. Awesome isn’t it?

Moreover, a video will get automatically resized to fit the width of your computer screen. Not only do you have the option of downloading a video, you can also click it and choose your video format (FLV or MP4, for example).

Just to show you how this works, this is a video seen without using the script:
How-to Prevent YouTube Autoplay in Firefox, Chrome and Opera

Now view the same video after we activate the script:
How-to Prevent YouTube Autoplay in Firefox, Chrome and Opera

Let’s make your life even more easier by sharing how to install the YousableTubeFix Script:

  1. Right-click on the Install button and select “Save link as” to download the JavaScript file to your computer.
  2. You can browse the downloaded file through the following menu path in the Opera Browser > Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Content > JavaScript options.
  3. That’s it folks, enjoy hassle-free Youtube Video Surfing!
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