How to Remove Google Redirect Virus (Virus Removal Guide)

September 4, 2010, By Fouad Bajwa

Wouldn’t it be frustrating if you were trying to search for something on Google and clicking away on search results only ends you up on websites and web pages that have nothing to do with what you are searching for?

We have some bad news for you, you probably ended up being infected with the Google Redirect Virus.

The Google Redirect Virus is a browser hijacking virus that manages to infect browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox by redirecting innocent browser users to different malicious websites, scam advertisings, annoying pop-ups and concealing Google results.

How-to Remove Google Redirect Virus (Virus Removal Guide)

How do I know if I’m infected?

Other than hijacked search results, these symptoms can tell that your computer is infected with the Google Redirect Virus.

  • The desktop background has changed
  • The browser default homepage has changed
  • Internet Explorer or Firefox have significantly slowed down
  • Corruption of computer system log files that lead to the dreaded and obnoxious “Blue Screen of Death”
  • Internet Explorer cannot open any web page
  • The following error constantly drives you crazy: “filename.exe is not a valid win32 application”
  • Each time you attempt to download a new setup file for any program whatsoever, it alerts you that the downloaded files are corrupt and you should download fresh copies of these files

So if you want to protect your privacy, confidential information and system, you will definitely have to remove this annoying Google Redirect Virus immediately. So lets help you get rid of this beastly virus by hacking the hacker, here’s a virus removal guide:

  1. Hit Start Menu > Run > Devmgmt.msc > OK/Enter
  2. Open Device Manager, Click on View and hit “Show Hidden Devices”
  3. How-to Remove Google Redirect Virus (Virus Removal Guide)

  4. Scroll down in the window and try to find “TDSSserv.sys” in the  Non-plug and Play Drivers list
  5. How-to Remove Google Redirect Virus (Virus Removal Guide)

  6. Right click and disable it. Do not uninstall otherwise the infection will reappear once you restart your computer
  7. Now you can restart.

Update your antivirus software and scan your entire computer — Google Redirect Virus will cease to exist on your machine. However, please note that you also need to use a good registry cleaner such as CCleaner to remove obsolete registry entries.

You might also want to try the following freely available standalone virus removal tools to get rid of the Google Redirect Virus:

  1. ESET’s Win32/Olmarik Removal Tool
  2. Kaspersky Labs TDSSKiller
  3. Microsoft’s Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool
  4. F-Secure’s BlackLight
  5. McAfee’s Stinger
  6. Dr.Web’s  CureIt!

More Technical Details to help you identify the beast:

  • Common Names: gogoogle, goyahoo
  • O20 – AppInit_DLLs: karna.dat is apparent in HJT log
  • Detected in various scanning programs
    – C:\WINDOWS\system32\wini10894.exe
    – C:\WINDOWS\brastk.exe
    – C:\WINDOWS\system32\brastk.exe
    – C:\WINDOWS\karna.dat
    – C:\WINDOWS\system32\karna.dat
    – TDSSserv.sys
    – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run | brastk
  • Whenever you try to update software on your system, they are redirected to (on to your own computer’s default host name) so none are able to update!
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