Yun and Yang Are Likely Candidates For Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade

September 3, 2010, By Christian Davis

When you hear the words Super Street Fighter , Arcade, Skateboard, and Rollerblades, what the first thing you think of? No, Tony Hawk isn’t having a fighting game. Characters Yun and Yang from Street Fighter  3 Third Strike obviously should’ve been the first thing that came to mind. Something that has been rumored for some time seems to become official with each day that goes by.

The image above is one of the several screens taken the suggest that the fighting duo will appear in the arcade version(likely to become DLC for consoles) of Super Street Fighter 4. If you can’t tell what the above image is, it’s a silhouette of of a skateboard and Rollerblades which both represent Yun and Yang. No doubt, a super involving both means of transportation. The image below is said to be Yun’s KO stance of him lying flat on his back with his mouth open. The image shows the lower end of his feet and it’s pretty convincing.

Either way, we’ll wait for official announcements, but odds are, they are going to be making an appearance in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade.

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