How-to Install a Language Pack in Windows 7 (Language Pack Installation Guide)

September 3, 2010, By Fouad Bajwa

We have received many requests to share a tutorial for the basic installations of various components in Windows 7, since it’s still a new operating system for users shifting or upgrading from Windows XP and/or Windows Vista.

How to install a Windows 7 Language Pack

Many of you have had problems with removing or installing language packs that you usually end with default installations. Therefore, initially we will guide you through installing language packs for Windows 7 including various versions like Windows 7 Ultimate, Enterprise and Professional because the latter has a twist to it.

Language Pack installations for Windows 7 Ultimate & Enterprise versions

  1. First click Start and then Control Panel
  2. Installing Windows 7 Language Packs

  3. Go to Region and Language
  4. Installing Windows 7 Language Packs

  5. In Region and Language section, go on to the Keyboards and Language tab and click Install/uninstall languages…
  6. Installing Windows 7 Language Packs

  7. In the Install or uninstall display languages, click install or uninstall display languages
  8. Installing Windows 7 Language Packs

  9. After that, click on the Browse computer or network, in order to find and install the package/s manually.
  10. Installing Windows 7 Language Packs

  11. Now locate the folder that contains the required language pack. The language file should be in a .CAB extension usually named as “”
  12. Installing Windows 7 Language Packs

  13. Once the file is selected and if at least one of the valid language packs (either a MUI or LIP) is found, the wizard will list all the languages available to install, together with native name, type (MUI or LIP) and size. Now click on Next.
  14. Now select, “I accept the license terms” and continue by clicking on Next.
  15. Installing Windows 7 Language Packs

  16. Once you have finished, again click Next.
  17. Now in the event that the selected language files are installed successfully, a confirmation screen should be shown.
  18. Installing Windows 7 Language Packs

  19. Finally, if you want to immediately switch to a new language, select it from the list of available languages in the drop-down list and click change display language. Be sure to review the apply the new display language on the welcome screen. If you want to leave things unchanged, continue with clicking the close button.
  20. Installing Windows 7 Language Packs

Windows 7 Professional version Language Pack Installation

First Hack
Since the language pack installation function provided with Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise is not available in Windows 7 Professional, you will have to follow the steps below:

  1. You will have to go to the start menu and run the command prompt as an administrator by feeding in the following command (copy/paste should work easily):
    DISM /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:< bcdedit /set {current} locale ru-RU
    bcdboot %WinDir% /l ru-RU
  2. Now within the same command prompt, run the Registry Editor by executing the command regedit. Once there, open the registry section titled/path:
  3. First remove en-US and then restart the system and you should be done.

What did you do? Well you just installed 36 language packs. Bingo, enable the desired language packs and enjoy!

Second Hack
Windows 7 Professional Edition users can also utilize the Vistalizator Tool that you have to download. It’s a a portable tool for Windows Vista and Windows 7 version to install language packs. Once downloaded, select your language pack/Add languages button to select the downloaded language pack. Finally, click Open to start extraction and install the pack. (You should click Ok in the event that you receive any warning message).

Installing Windows 7 Language Packs

Installing Windows 7 Language Packs

Installing Windows 7 Language Packs

Installing Windows 7 Language Packs

Vistalizator  should take a few minutes to complete the language pack installation and once done, you can activate the new language pack. The tool also allows you to switch between installed and default languages.

Installing Windows 7 Language Packs

Installing Windows 7 Language Packs

Good luck with installing these Windows Language Interface packs.

The following is a good Youtube  Tutorial for Installing Windows 7 Language Packs using MUI’s:

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