Gmail Priority Inbox Arrives; Sorts your Mails the Way You Want Them

September 3, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has brought to its Gmail users a brand new feature called the Priority Inbox. The new system comes across as a means to figure out which of your messages are important.

Further still, all such important mails will be displayed right on top of your screen so that there wouldn’t be any chance of you missing them.

The arrival of the Priority Inbox doesn’t mean that you won’t have the rest of your mails on the page. What the new feature offers is the convenience of letting you know that your important mails are there for you not to miss them whatsoever.

How do you get the feature activated? All you need to do is log on to your account and you’ll be asked whether you want to enable Priority Inbox. That lets you pick from among a few options, such as the order of your various inboxes, or marking contacts as important.

You will be able to decide as to what all messages are most important, which all contacts are to not to be missed, how often do you read messages that contain a certain keyword, and whether or not the message is addressed solely to you or was sent to a mailing list.

And, that’s not all. In case you have a message that has been marked important and you did not want that to be so, then there is an option to tell Gmail that you didn’t mean it.

The new Gmail Priority Inbox can really sort your mails for you the way you want them to appear on your mail page.  Know more about the new feature in the video below:

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