Army Veteran Offended by Military Video Game Sales Ban

September 3, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

A recent decision to not sell the newest Medal of Honor title at US military bases has sparked some controversy – apparently, even more than the original reason for doing so (the depiction of talibans in the game and allowing the player to control one at some point). According to a former Army Medic, the move is simply insulting.

The veteran continues on to explain how video games are something quite common in military bases, and are one of the things used to keep soldiers’ spirits up. He names NCAA Football, Halo and even Desert Storm among the titles that soldiers frequently enjoy in their spare time. And now, the US army has taken action to prevent them from enjoying one of the hottest new titles on the market, for reasons which are noting more than subjective.

This should come as even more disappointing considering that the initial goal of the game, according to its developers at EA, was to depict the army as heroic and to honor them, while instead they got such a negative reaction from the public.

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