Verizon Samsung Fascinate Gearing Up for Launch; Release Date in a Matter of Days?

September 2, 2010, By Alex Ion

Word on the street is that Verizon is gearing for the Samsung Fascinate launch. According to an insider at one of company’s brick-and-mortar outlets, Big Red is distributing launch kits and training their staff in regards to the Fascinate (Verizon’s variant of the much hyped Galaxy S), meaning that a release date could be just around the corner.

Verizon Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S)

As previously reported, Verizon is the latest of the top four carriers in the US to have a Galaxy S in their inventory. The same phone is also coming to Sprint as the Epic 4G, T-Mobile as the Samsung Vibrant and AT&T as Samsung Captivate. According to a leaked inventory screenshot, the Fascinate is expected to launch on September 8, which considering today’s insider report, could be right on track.

All the other versions of the Samsung Galaxy S released through AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile have done extremely well in the US (and as a matter of fact, in Europe, too), therefore it is expected that the Fascinate will see big sales numbers with Verizon as well.

For those who can’t remember it, Samsung Fascinate features a 4″  Super AMOLED touchscreen display, runs on a 1 GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor, has a 5MP camera featuring auto-focus and LED flash, Bluetooth, WiFi, a pre-installed 16 GB microSD card and 2GB of internal memory. On top of that it has 720p HD video recording and brings the ability to connect up to 5 WiFi enabled devices via 3G mobile hotspots.

Are you Big Red fans ready for the Samsung Fascinate?

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