Sony 3D Vaio Laptop Prototype Seen; to Arrive by Next Spring

September 2, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When rivals have all taken the 3D plunge, why shouldn’t Sony? We get to know that Sony is joining the 3D bandwagon in the notebook scene, and will soon reveal its new laptops capable of displaying 3D video and games at 1080p resolution. Prototypes of a Vaio 3D device have been shown at the IFA event.

Complete with a 3D button and active-shutter glasses to separate what the right and left eyes see, the new model of 3D Vaios are expected to arrive during Spring next.

Apart from the 3D Vaio, Sony also displayed other 3D devices that are to follow suit.

Sony has said that the prototypes on show at IFA boast of frame-sequential technology, which interestingly cycles the full screen between left-eye and right-eye views.

Further, blank screens squeeze in between each to reduce crosstalk that might diminish the quality of the 3D image. Sounds good, right?

Going by the descriptions, we infer that the forthcoming 3D Vaio might be capable of displaying video at 240 frames per second to keep up with a 3D rate of 60 frames per second. More details, including what chipset sits under the hood, are awaited.

The other 3D devices that Sony brought to the IFA event ranged from Blu-ray players and PlayStation 3 made 3D-capable. A 3D video projector christened WV-90 also was on show.

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