Apple iTunes 10 Comes With Ping Social Network feature; Make a Social Circle Now

September 2, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Is this gong to be Apple’s next big hit? The new iTunes 10 seems to have all in it that could make it a winner. For, Apple has not just given us an update but has spruced up the new feature with a Ping Social Networking aspect too. The new Ping Social Network feature promises to let you follow people or artists and make a social circle.

By adding this music-centric social networking service  to its iTunes 10, Apple has made sure that  it brings to you a Facebook-like newsfeed with details on what people in your circle are listening to or buying.

It also has the capabilities to let you monitor your musical habits and broadcast them across your social circle.

Apple has ensured that the old features stay even as new useful features are ushered in.  You will also be able to post comments and check out custom songs or album charts .

What’s more, you also can bank on the 17,000 concerts waiting for you to download. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? When you opt for Ping, what would be waiting for you inside are artists’ pages you always wanted to carry with you.

Apple iTunes 10 is now available. The company has also said Ping will also be available on iPhone and iPod Touch and probably on the iPad too very soon.

Meanwhile there are also dissenting notes out there. Some of the iTunes users have  expressed dissatisfaction about the fact that the new feature still wants them to sign up for another social network and that Apple hasn’t bothered to provide  integration with other social networks.

The scene seems to be treading a new interesting  terrain. Tell us what you think.

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