White iPhone 4 Could be the Little Princess at the Apple Event Today

September 1, 2010, By Atul Roach

White iPhone 4 sounds a real delicacy and we for once feel like ignoring the drawbacks that the iPhone 4 is plagued with. Apple is holding a special media event today and we will get to witness the iPod Touch (4th generation) hopefully, or at least some detailed info about it. We are definitely excited to see the next generation iPod Touch, but the real ‘surprise’ could be-White iPhone 4.

It was earlier reported that the White iPhone 4 launch was being held up due to precision issues with Apple’s supplier of glass panels – a Chinese company called Lens Technology. Apple also mentioned that the White iPhone 4 will not go public until the end of this year.

Considering that Cupertino has no big event lined up for the rest of the year, people will be following the update of this event closely, hoping for some White iPhone 4 goodness.

There are people who already posses the White iPhone 4 through some unofficial sources (desperate measures), but a major number of fanatics are waiting for Cupertino to please them with the announcement.

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