Sony Wins PS3-Related Court Case Against Gamer

September 1, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

A few months ago, a gamer from Australia filed a lawsuit against Sony based on their decision to remove extra OS support from their PlayStation 3 console. Before an update introduced by the company, owners of the PS3 could install a Linux operating system via a “Install Other OS” option from the menu – though this is no more.

In his lawsuit, Michael Trebilcock demanded a $800 AUD compensation – which, according to him, was how much it cost him to rent a laptop on which to use Linux. His claim continued to state that with the new update, the console could no longer be used as a computer. He even acknowledged that he was warned of the upcoming update by Sony, but dismissed it as a joke as it was issued on April 1st.

Sadly for him (and the dozens of other gamers who followed through with similar lawsuits), the court today ruled in favor of Sony, clearing them of all charges pressed against the company. Well, at least they didn’t make Trebilcock pay Sony’s legal fees, as that would’ve been a good example of insult to injury.

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