How to Manually Install Android 2.2 Froyo On Your Verizon Droid Incredible

September 1, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In case you haven’t got Froyo on to your Verizon Droid Incredible as yet, you should. Android 2.2 has been available for the Droid Incredible for a few days now, so here’s how to manually install it.

1) First you need to download the official Android 2.2 firmware from Google, available here (warning .zip file!!!). Now copy the file to the root directory of the microSD card you use. Before you copy it make sure its name is

2) Done that?  Okay now just switch off your phone and switch it on again while pushing down the volume key.  You will now get to see the bootloader screen. Select recovery from the list (up and down for the volume buttons and power to select).

3) You will now see the “/!\” symbol on your screen — press volume up and the power button at the same time so as to see the recovery options displayed.

4) Now you need to push the volume up and down buttons so as to navigate to “apply Once you see that, select it using the power button.

5) When this is done, you will see “Install from sdcard complete”. Now select “reboot system now”. Ands that’s all, your Droid Incredible will run Froyo from now on.

If you had any worries as to whether this is a genuine update, the answer is yes — straight from Google’s servers. So how was it? Did you manage to install Android 2.2 Froyo on your Droid Incredible for Verizon?

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