Final Fantasy XIV’s Delayed Beta Launches Tonight

September 1, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

After a worrying announcement that the open beta test for Square Enix’s long-awaited Final Fantasy XIV was delayed indefinitely yesterday, gamers quickly flooded the Internet with rumors and speculations about when the beta will actually come out – some were even as skeptic as to predict there won’t be one and the game will just be released normally. However, according to developers, things are far from being so grim – in fact, get ready to enjoy the game tonight!

In case you missed the news yesterday (kind of doubtful, but still) – Square Enix reportedly found several critical bugs in the game, preventing them from releasing it to the public. The bugs have apparently been addressed though, and the game is cleared for launch tonight.

The precise time when the curtains will be lifted is slated for 7pm PDT – so just about 10 hours from the time of posting this article! The release date for the game’s full version is still September 30, in reassurance to those who expected the game to be delayed due to the bugs.

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