Toshiba 24nm flash, 8GB Begin Shipping on a Single Chip

August 31, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Toshiba has announced that it has started mass production of NAND flash memories fabricated with 24 nanometer technology. The latest technology has already been applied to 2 bit-per-cell 64-gigabit components which are claimed to be the world’s smallest and offer the highest density on a single chip (8 GB).

Toshiba will also introduce 32GB and 3bit per cell products manufactured using the same technology.

Smaller chips can be created by the application of the 24nm process technology. This will allow Toshiba to boost productivity and bring further enhancements to high density, small sized products.
The chips are also equipped with Toggle DDR which enhances data transfer speed (it makes up to 133 million transfers per second compared to the 40 million transfers single level cells has usually managed).

As more and more smartphones, digital video cameras and tablet PCs are arriving, there is greater demand for smaller, higher density, memory products.
Toshiba has been a primary flash memory supplier for some products, including certain iPods and iPhones. By using its latest technology advance, Toshiba aims to reinforce and extend its leadership in the development and fabrication of high density NAND flash memories.

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