HTC Desire HD Specs & Features: What We Know About The New HTC Desire

August 31, 2010, By Alex Ion

If you’re in the market for a new mobile phone and it’s hard to choose, then you should know that the HTC Desire HD is rumored to be the upgraded new HTC Desire we’ve all been expecting to land in Europe.

HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD Specs & Features

Also running under the name of HTC Ace or EVO 4G in the US, the Desire HD is not that different from the Desire you can buy right now. Except for the fact that it can shoot HD video @ 720p video quality thanks to an upgraded 8egapixel camera.

Other changes include a similar aluminium unibody design to the HTC Legend, a much larger 4.3-inch touchscreen display with WVGA resolution (highly appealing, must say) and Android 2.2 out of the box.

When it comes to processing power, it’s not yet known if the HTC Desire HD will use the current industry favourite Qualcomm Snapdragon chip that clocks in at 1GHz speeds. However rumors say that the Taiwanese manufacturer may feature a next-gen Snapdragon processor that manages 1.3GHz speeds — really fast for a mobile phone.

HTC Desire HD Availability

As yet, there’s no release date for the new HTC Desire HD, but considering that HTC has scheduled a mystery event on September 15, our bet is that we’ll see it under the spotlight with a release date sometime mid-October.

Another interesting fact is that the Desire HD may actually be called the HTC Smoke or the HTC Flame, but we’ll let HTC shred some light on this in a couple of weeks.

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