DROID X Running Android 2.2, Sapphire AOSP 2.2 ROM on Video

August 31, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A video of the DROID X running the Android 2.2, Sapphire AOSP 2.2 ROM is now out for you to see and make use of. The video, in fact, gives us a clear understanding of the boot menu and also a handful of details of some settings.

The Droid X, rooted some time ago, could be out as a full reveal soon, in case a download option is allowed.

The video helps us infer that a few good things are certainly on their way with this new Sapphire AOSP 2.2 ROM. What is interesting is that the 59-secod video brings to our midst all that the manufacturer did not want to tell us.

Considering that the Motorola Droid X was believed to be an unhackable phone, the revelations come about as a bit special. Watch the video below:

What we are now looking at is to see more revelations, may be in the form of a full download. Watch this space.

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