Verizon Samsung Fascinate In-Store Pre-Orders Now Available on Best Buy

August 30, 2010, By Atul Roach

Big Red remains the last US carrier to release its very own version of the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone and it now seems that the wait is finally getting over. There are reasons one many to be thinking like this and that includes an almost confirmed availability date of September 9 from Verizon.

The bigger reason though is the beginning of in-store pre-orders being taken by our beloved Best Buy and this snapshot pasted below is a big enough confirmation unless you wish to check up with Best Buy of course.

All the other versions of the Samsung Galaxy S released through various US carriers have done extremely well and therefore it is expected that the Fascinate will see big sales numbers through the Verizon store as well.

Verizon sure had reasons to hold back the release given the number of top-notch Android devices it released in the recent past, but the wait was now getting a tad annoying and thankfully the Fascinate is now going public pretty soon.

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