Samsung Galaxy Tablet Spotted Yet Again, This Time With a CDMA Sticker

August 30, 2010, By Atul Roach

There is a stark difference in the way Cupertino promoted its iPad and Samsung is currently promoting its 7-inch Galaxy Tablet. While Apple resorted to hiding the product from the prying eyes of the fanatics to keep everyone interested, Samsung is letting go a bit of information every passing day to keep everyone interested in knowing more. To be honest, we like the Samsung way of doing things as we today find another leaked image trying to convey the CDMA affinity this time around.

The tablet ‘most probably’ is headed to Verizon and the image clearly reflects that it will be a CDMA device which wasn’t known until today. The lucky guy to have photographed this stunner of a doodad mentioned that he liked the strong speakers and the call quality of this device, but he did not specify whether that quality was over WiFi or 3G.

He also appreciated the way this tablet runs Adobe Flash (take that iPad). The only problem (not to forget that the Tab is yet to arrive) as per him was the slowness of the GPS which we are sure will be taken care off by the time it goes public.

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