Google YouTube Likely to Launch Worldwide Paid Movie Service

August 30, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has plans to launch a global paid movie service through YouTube. We get to know from sources that talks have been going on for a service that would stream major movie releases and would be tied into both Google’s search engine and YouTube.

Google is said to be in talks with major Hollywood studios to bring streaming movie rentals from their catalogs to YouTube. YouTube has actually been offering streaming movie rentals from a number of smaller studios since January.

YouTube had then started to expand the service. So the rumored rental service will be similar to this service but with most or all of the major studios on board.

YouTube movie service will probably be launched first in the US, and will offer movies, simultaneous with the DVD release, for about $5. You will need a live Internet connection to watch the movies.

The recently launched Google TV platform, which brings YouTube directly to televisions, needs a constant Internet connection. So the rumored streaming rental service is a perfect fit for it.

The service is expected to be unveiled by the end of the year. Google might be in a hurry since there are spreading rumors of an A4-based AppleTV which will be built around a new streaming platform.

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