Call of Duty Black Ops Xbox 360 Specific Multiplayer Beta Sign-Ups Begin This Week

August 30, 2010, By Atul Roach

There are close to a couple of weeks remaining for the Call of Duty Black Ops to go public and the lesser the time remains, the higher your anxiety level goes.

Call of Duty Black Ops Beta

The developers of such high profile franchises also comprehend this ‘anxiety’ phenomenon pretty well and they do give you the Beta testing options. As far as the Black Ops is concerned, Treyarch will make the Multiplayer Beta sign-ups of the game available on September 1, but the sad part is that it will be a Xbox 360 specific release.

People who do not own the Microsoft gaming console will have to be content with the fact that they are aware of the official release date while the Xbox 360 owners will get to enjoy the exclusivity for the next few days.

The only problem is that this Beta sign-up news hasn’t been officially confirmed by Treyarch although this snapshot captured from Google News is a valid enough proof of the development.

For a moment you can tend to ignore the snapshot, but then Treyarch is anyway unveiling the multiplayer mode on Wednesday and that is definitely confirmed.

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