Nokia N900 to Get Public Android Port Soon, Dev Video Confirms Good Progress

August 27, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Nokia N900 which broke cover ‘decades’ ago has been an adorable device for the Nokia fanatics, at least in terms of its hardware. What people didn’t like about the N900 though was the presence of Maemo on board. The phone could have been so much better had the Finnish giant rendered it with Google’s open source platform Android. Nokia until date continues to ignore the Google OS in favor of a number of options like the Maemo, Symbian and MeeGo, which frankly speaking has been the undoing for the manufacturer which was once at the helm of cellphone sales.

A long and sad tale to tell! Anyway, the good news is that the Nokia N900 Android aspirants will soon be able to port the high profile Google OS on to their handsets courtesy of a public port, which has been under development for a very long time.

There were a lot of glitches when the ‘gang’ tried to run it before, but a recently revealed video confirms that Android for N900 is behaving pretty steadily now. With the good progress confirmed, it is now only a matter of time before the community port will good live which we think will happen pretty soon.

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