Windows Phone 7 Devices to Communicate with Xbox Consoles

August 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

Sony with its Play Station competes neck to neck with Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, but MSFT may have finally taken the advantage courtesy of its very own mobile devices OS Windows Phone 7. Curious to know why we are thinking like this? Well, MSFT intends to devise a communication system between the Windows Phone 7 laden cellphones and their gaming consoles range Xbox in order to take the gaming to the next level.

If we look at it the other way round, this is a great promotion tact for the upcoming Windows Phone 7, but for this, MSFT will have to ensure that they set up the communication between the mobile OS and the gaming consoles at the earliest.

This also sounds like the future of gaming and in layman terms, we will relate to it as real-time console gaming interactivity. This has the potential of transforming a WP7 blessed device from a communication doodad to an important constituent of a gaming system.

What could happen is that you play some game on your WP7 cellphone and then when you hook it up with the Xbox console, you will open up more features of the game, thus making it a full scale console game.

We could finally have an Xbox game available for a couple of dimes and this isn’t happening probably but SURELY.

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