Google Working on “Instant Search” Feature

August 26, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Google got some serious competition in the face of Bing, and unlike some companies which would’ve just relied on their current success and ignored the potential competition, Google are actively developing various new features for their search engine and upgrading it all the time. The latest feature which is apparently being tested on a limited number of accounts, gives you search results as you’re typing your query into the box.

The feature was first spotted by SEO consultant Rob Ousbey, who had it enabled on his own account. It works pretty much as you would expect – imagine the current suggestion list that drops down as you’re typing, only with actual search results instead. It seems to load the results very fast, too, so it definitely looks interesting.

Sadly, if you were hoping to play around with this new “toy” you won’t get a chance to – it’s so far not publicly available and only several users have reported having access to it on their accounts. Oh well, at least there’s a video of it in action – hit the link below to watch it!

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