Facebook No Longer Supports Internet Explorer 6

August 26, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Today, Facebook announced that they won’t be supporting Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 for their service anymore. This has come as yet another sign to the various companies and individual users out there that it’s probably finally time to move up and upgrade to a more recent version of the browser. Still, it should be noted that the change in Facebook’s policy is only related to their chat function and not the site as a whole.

According to a blog post from Facebook representatives, the move came as a response to some user complaints about the chat’s buggy behavior in the past. Users have reported that their chat sessions randomly disappear and then reappear again, or lose connection only to regain it at a later point. Facebook stated that the changes required to fix these problems aren’t supported by older browsers, and the company has chosen to move forward and improve their chat functionality, instead of relying on outdated browsers.

And if you’re still using IE6, you should really look at some alternatives.

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