Apple iPhone 4 Customized to Look Like a Leica M9 Camera

August 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

The iPhone 4 was a sensational release, considering the opening few days sales, but when the antenna and the proximity sensor issues went public, the Apple freaks had to think of other options. In the most simplest of terms, the iPhone 4 wasn’t the phone it was thought it would be! Now that it is ‘somewhat’ of a disaster, you can think of external customizations to at least make it an eye candy and here is an option you may like to know about.

The gadget on view here is not a Leica M9 camera but an iPhone 4 which has been customized to look like the Leica iteration. Sadly, this is not an option up for the grabs and for now you can only admire the genius. It comes from a Flickr user with the id joey_joey_joey and this geek was determined to make his iPhone 4 look unique.

While customizing his iPhone 4 he wanted the world to know about his love for the Leica M9 option as well and hence he came up with this novel idea of re-incarnating his iPhone 4. His Flickr account perhaps has a description you would love to read.

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