Toshiba 3D TVs to Come Minus the Glasses

August 25, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Toshiba has unveiled their new 3D HDTV that will enable viewers to enjoy 3-D images without wearing glasses. The company is planning to release it before the end of 2010 and will most likely be the first of its kind.

Conventional 3-D TVs require viewers to use 3D glasses when viewing 3-D images. Those 3-D TVs project images intended for different eyes at high speeds, and the 3-D images are reconstructed in the brain. Using 3-D glasses, a viewer cannot see an image intended for the right eye with the left eye and vice versa.

Toshiba’s new technology will eliminate the necessity of such glasses and the images will not strain the eyes.

Toshiba has plans to introduce three models, including one with a 21-inch auto-stereoscopic high-definition display which uses the same technology that will power Nintendo’s upcoming 3D handheld. Toshiba has developed an integral imaging system called a “light field” display to create 3D without glasses over a thirty degree viewing angle.

The imaging system emits rays of light at different angles, which helps to form 3D images in the brain without using special glasses.

The next hurdle for Toshiba will be to make their technology commercially viable. Let’s wait and see what price tag Toshiba will decide to attach to the TV

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