Sony A55 DSLR Camera Review; Super Fast & Powerful

August 25, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Sony Alpha range A55 and A33 interchangeable lens options burst on to the scene yesterday and before you get ready to shell out your money in the next couple of months, here is a quick snap review you may like to read.

To begin with, the A55 looks like a DSLR but since there is no movable mirror on board (hence no reflex), the right terminology for this product is DSLT (where T implies translucent). The clear attempt from Sony is to tone down the size of DSLR’s and making them more usable with the likes of the A33 and A55.

An important element that helped in toning down the size was to get rid of the optical view finder and replacing it with an electric one. Again, the mirror is gone and there is the Translucent Mirror Technology which makes up for the pleasing loss. This translucent mirror does not budge like the previous option, when clicking images. This obviously benefits the speed for the A55 which can click at 10fps.

Towards the back is an impressive 3-inch LCD with a pleasing 270-degree range which really helps in the hard to reach shots. An adorable factor is the abundance of scene modes and their ‘exact definition’ implying that you can view ‘live’ what these scenes will do to your pictures.

Furthermore is the use of the burst technology by Sony, which with the A55 option, is the quickest at 10fps. The burst mode is particularly good for tracking movements at every instant-something which can be brought into great usage by sports photography professionals.

For shooting extremely fast movements, the burst mode takes the assistance of the Advance Priority AE Mode which ensures that the shots stay in focus. Using the viewfinder however for such fast movements is a tad tricky and that is where the LCD can be brought into usage.

Things get even better with the addition of the HD video recording option and although Sony isn’t the first to do it, it is still a welcome feature. The shooting options include AVCHD and MP3.

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