Apple iOS 4.1 Update to Arrive Soon, Will it Finally Solve the ‘Real’ iPhone 4 Issues?

August 25, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Apple iOS 4.1 update is slated to arrive soon and just for the records, this will be the third firmware update from Apple since the iOS 4 release in June this year. The big question is whether this update will deliver the kind of software the iPhone 4 should have initially arrived with to make it the cutting edge offering we normally expect from Cupertino.

The first update took care of the glitch which the world didn’t even take notice of, while the second one was more of a security patch which took care of the jail breaking problem used to hack the iOS 4 by simply visiting a website.

Now if you remember, the real concerns with the iPhone 4 were that of its antenna and the proximity sensor and not the issues that those initial patches rectified. With firmware update iOS 4.1 impending, the big question is whether it would be the ‘magical update’ to rectify the real issues or is it another facade from Cupertino.

The antenna never did improve the signal while the proximity sensor never let the iPhone 4 owners hold the smartphone close to their faces and with this update in the offing, we can only hope that these ‘real concerns’ will not remain concerns anymore after the software patch arrives. We are just hoping!

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