White iPhone 4 Release Date on Orange UK is Later This Year

August 24, 2010, By Atul Roach

Orange UK has this thing for whitish smartphones and it likes to sell the white models exclusively time and again for different smartphone models. Sometime back, Orange roped in the Sony Xperia X10 exclusively in a whitish tinge to please its loyal customers and now we are constantly hearing talks of the White iPhone 4 arrival in Orange UK stores.

It was the Inquirer which last discovered that the White iPhone 4 will not arrive at the end of the year but sometime later this year and now the same concern has got in touch with Orange UK again to extract some information.

What is sad is that Orange UK refused to decipher much and played the ‘later this year’ song out loud, but we are hopeful that the louder the song gets, the quicker the Orange UK customers will get luckier. On previous occasions Orange UK delayed the White iPhone 4 release owing to hardware issues, but off late, the problems have been sorted somewhat.

The only problem holding the White iPhone 4 release for the Orange UK could be the lack of ample stock and Orange is probably filling up its stores in anticipation of the astounding demand that could surge after the Apple wonder gadget in white goes public.

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