Verizon iPhone Arriving Next Year, Apple to End AT&T Exclusivity Soon?

August 24, 2010, By Atul Roach

There are countless occasions when we’ve spoken about the possibility of a US Carrier other than AT&T hooking up with Apple to merchandise the iPhone. The closest contender to push Apple into nullifying the AT&T exclusivity has been Verizon and after months and months of disappointing reporting, the rumors have started to resurface again. A Wall Street analyst Shaw Wu has some insiders working for him who are certain that Verizon and Apple are in secret talks to sell the iPhone beginning next year.

His claim seems all the more true when you consider AT&T’s SEC filing from a few weeks back were they have warned the users that some attractive handsets are going to come out of the exclusivity period soon.

Not just Verizon, Wu believes that even T-Mobile and Sprint users could also get lucky with the Apple iPhone in 2011. John Gruber the famous Apple blogger has also confirmed that Apple and Big Red are in secret talks at the highest level and they are panning out the final details of the merger.

What is your take people, do you think it is not just another speculation to baffle our minds?

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