Street Fighter’s Akuma Shoes

August 24, 2010, By Christian Davis

We all have those Street Fighter friends who find the sweetest stuff, I’m no different. If you want some of the coolest shoes on the planet, look no further than the pair shown below. The guys at Clashofthecustomizers have  created a perfect pair of shoes that will really show who’s the most die hard Street Fighter fan.

There have been shoes that just recently came out and they were “Street Fighter” solely because of the colors they used. If no one told you, then they would just look like some light blue shoes. These shoes will definitely let you know. The great thing about these shoes are the small touches that they added to make this truly seem like a shoe that a die hard Akuma fan would wear.  The shoe laces for example look more like the straps on his shoes. His signature beads that he  wears are featured at the bottom of the laces. And, of course, the symbol on his back is on the side of each shoes tip.

It’s a perfect Street Fighter shoe and Akuma would be proud. Lets hope that we don’t have to light punch, light punch, forward , light kick, hard punch to tie them. Check out the rest of the images below.

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