Microsoft Xbox 720: What to Expect in Terms of Graphics, Hardware and Games

August 24, 2010, By Atul Roach

The probable release date for the Xbox 720 is somewhere in 2013 as per Ubisoft so you are absolutely right in thinking that this write up is coming too early. The problem is that we’ve already heard so many speculations and gossips about this device that we cannot help but discuss the expectancy in terms of graphics, hardware and the games that will be played on the console.

We begin with the graphics (the most important part for us) and we expect the 720 to come with 3D support in full throttle. Given the fact that the current generation gaming console offers full 1080 HD support, 3D ought to be the graphics standard for the next version. As far as the GPU is concerned, it will most probably be ATI-AMD getting the job done for MSFT Xbox 720.

Talking about the hardware, we believe that the Xbox 360 RROD infamy was enough to convince Microsoft not to rush the product this time around and hence the testing phase will be much more extensive. We still cannot guess the processor but we believe it will support Blu-ray.

Moving on to the type of games you should expect to play on the Xbox 720, we haven’t heard anything beyond (Bungie’s next IP) an action packed series from Activision which will be developed by Bungie.

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