Iomega Steadily Proceeds With Move to USB 3.0, Promises No Price Increase

August 24, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Some time ago, we informed you of Iomega’s transition to USB 3.0 hard drives, which of course means a great increase in their transfer speed capabilities. While this sounded great, it raised some concerns in users about the prices of these new hard drives, and how much more they’re going to cost compared to the current USB 2.0 models. The answer, according to Iomega? They won’t cost extra at all!

The company’s plans are proceeding as expected so far, and they’ve began the transition with their eGo line of portable HDDs, and according to sources they should be released before the end of October this year, with two models sporting 500 GB and 1 TB of storage space. The models are also fitted with Iomega’s Drop Guard Xtreme, which adds to their durability and protects them from falls of up to 7 feet.

Next in line for the update are Iomega’s Prestige hard drives, which should see their first USB 3.0 models in the beginning of 2011. If you’re eager, you can actually buy an Iomega USB 3.0 hard drive at several retailers right now, though it will cost you more before October.

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