Google Earth 1.1 for Android available now with undersea view

August 24, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Google Earth has been a great app for Android bringing in 3D imagery and terrain of almost every region on earth. Now what was missing? The oceans of course. Now Google has decided to take out that “flaw” as well. The latest iteration of the Google Earth for Android, packs something entirely new.

With the new release, zoom in below the ocean surface itself, and check out the landscape and terrain of the ocean trenches. You can “fly” around Monterary Bay Canyon, or the Laurentian Abyss and discover the majesty of the marine world. This is made possible by the newly added “Explore the Ocean” layer, which packs hundreds of photos and videos from more than 100 contributors.
If you have a device running Android 2.2 Froyo, there is even more in stock for you. Google Earth now supports running of Flash videos within “balloons” inside the app. This would mean you can watch Youtube videos related to the places you are seeing, right within the app.

The Google Earth For Android 1.1 is now available from the Android Market for most Android devices running Android 2.1 or later. You can use the QR-code below to go to the market page directly.

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