Sony PlayStation 3 Jailbreak Now Ready? PS3 USB Jailbreak is Finally Here, Allows to Play Backups

August 23, 2010, By Alex Ion

After four long years since its debut, there’s now a Playstation 3 jailbreak available.

The PS3 USB jailbreak was “achieved” by a very well known mod-chips distributer, who announced that they came up with a plug-and-play USB dongle that allows users to dump an original PS3 game to their internal HDD or to an external FAT32 formatted HDD, and play it directly off GUI without having the original disk in drive. And that may result in faster loading times as you’re not limited to Blu-ray speeds anymore.

PS3 Jailbreak via USB dongle

So how does this work? Similar to the Greek’s trojan horse. According to the guys who built it, the console is being tricked into thinking that the USB device is a DEV unit — and so, the gate to installing 3rd party applications onto the Playstation 3 has been opened.

The device comes pre-loaded with something called USB Backup Manager, that does the whole backing up for you. It is compatible with all PS3 models, FAT and SLIM, and supports all regions (USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA) and more importantly won’t void your warranty as it doesn’t bring in any hardware modifications to the console.

Check the videos below for more info on the PS3 Jailbreak:

For now we’re hearing that this USB jailbreak for the PS3 is up to date — working with firmware 3.41, but it’s certain that Sony will patch the “exploit” with their next upgrade. One last thing, remember that the developers of this PS3 Jailbreak are yet to implementing support for NTFS partitions!

Be careful when you spend $169.99 (must be said it’s quite expensive) for a jailbreak solution that may not work in a few weeks.

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