Samsung Galaxy Tab Spotted in the Wild; Samsung’s 7″ Tablet Makes Video Appearance

August 23, 2010, By Atul Roach

It is the kind of day where future tablets have been generous enough to give us a glimpse of themselves before they arrive officially in the consumer hands. It was the Toshiba Smart Pad first and we now have for you the much more highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy 7-inch tablet. While the Toshiba variant will go official in matter of days, the Galaxy Tablet is still in the works, but we are ‘understandably’ anxious to know more about the latter one.

It was spotted in Sydney, Australia, in possession of an anonymous telco worker at a train station and it did indeed look like a giant Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The anonymous employee definitely loves his job and hence he declined to reveal anything about the 7-inch wonder, but the responsive UI on view hinted at the presence of the same 1GHz ARM processor as the Galaxy S.

He also mentioned that the Galaxy Tablet experience is very different from the iPad which is making us all the more anxious. We’ve tagged along a video at the end for you to behold the doodad all by yourself.

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