Samsung Galaxy S Unlock Codes Are Fitted Inside Your Phone: Unlock the Vibrant & Captivate, Swap them As You Wish

August 23, 2010, By Alex Ion

Most of you know that Samsung Vibrant is a T-Mobile exclusive and Samsung Captivate belongs to AT&T, but both of these models are derived from the Samsung Galaxy S.

But why is that important? Apparently the phone manufacturers have stored the unlocking codes for the device, not in a secure remote server, but in a .BAK file that you can read, allowing you to completely unlock the Galaxy S with just a simple script and an USB cable.

samsung captivate and samsung vibrant

You will have to open the file in a HEX editor and search for SSNV (it’s a block of data). At the end of it there should be a string of numbers with the format numbers.unlockcode.numbers. That’s what you need to completely unlock all Samsung Galaxy S models. Or if that’s too much, there’s now a little script that does it for you.

What’s interesting is that even if you’re a T-Mobile customer and you got the Galaxy S for a special price, but locked, you’ll still be able to load an AT&T SIM card on it. And we’re hearing you’ll also be getting 3G fun along with it, although going vice-versa (from Captivate to Vibrant) is not possible.

For those worried about losing warranty, you don’t need to actually root your phone and in case something bad happens (like the phone freezing or anything similar) you always have the option to relock your Galaxy S variant with the very same unlocking code.

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