Nokia N900 Application Features Face Recognition and Face Tracking

August 23, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Information security is becoming an increasinly alarming topic, and companies are offering more and more solutions to the problem – some work great, some not so much. This latest idea used on a Nokia device, more specifically the N900, seems to be of the first kind, and if implemented properly, we can definitely see this becoming a staple in protecting your cellphones and other handheld devices from unauthorized access.

The technology was developed by a research team from the University of Manchester, and they’ve been able to get the camera to lock on to a face and analyze a set of 22 separate features in real time, even when the device is flipped around. It snaps the pictures with the phone’s front camera and then analyzes them with its algorithms, leading to the detection of your face (provided you’re actually the one holding the phone, of course).

We can see how this has the potential to become useful and a popular idea, we just hope it’s applied by some developer some time soon so we can actually see how well it works.

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