Chinese iPhone 4 Release Date Could Be Next Month; iPhone 4 Debuts in China On September 15, iPad to Follow Soon

August 23, 2010, By Alex Ion

Apple’s iPhone 4 is expected to make a debut in China next month. According to Chinese Caixin media group, iPhone 4 is slated for a release date on September 15, and should be carried by China Unicom, the country’s second largest telecom operator.

iPhone 4

Rumors have it that another name interested in bringing the iPhone 4 to their customers is China Mobile Ltd, but the company denied the information. People familiar with the matter have reported that for now, China Unicorm is the exclusive carrier for the device.

Why the delay? Chinese regulation are known to be harsh. The main issue was China’s wireless standard, WAPI instead of WiFi, but things have cleared now. The result … last month China Unicorm started selling the iPhone 3GS to their users, iPhone 4 is expected to launch on September 15 and the iPad (WiFi version approved, 3G version is still in pending) should follow shortly.

iPhone 4 was released in the US on June 24th. In the first three days Apple sold nothing less than 1.7 million units. But will the company face the same success in China? Probably not, as we’re hearing China Unicorn complained that their iPhone sales were low because of the high subscription fees. Apparently Chinese buyers are more interested in cheaper Android smartphones than Apple’s iPhone.

Do you think that will change when the iPhone 4 will start appearing on shelves?

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