Gran Turismo 5 UK Release Date Goes Official, Set to Arrive on November 3rd

August 23, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Gran Turismo gaming fanatics had to wait to hear this for eternity, but the good news is that the official release date for the GT5 racing simulator series for the PS3 has finally been outed. As far as the UK fanatics are concerned, they will get lucky with the game on November 3rd, 2010 which is the same as their Japanese counterparts. This implies that the UK and the Japanese GT gaming freaks will be made to wait a day longer then the gamers from the US.

As far as the Japanese are concerned, they will get the exclusive privilege of laying their hands on the Gran Turismo 5 Racing Bundle. This bundle will include a Limited Edition GT5 along with a ‘Titanium Blue’ PS3 Slim with 160GB storage space.

The same bundle will also include 5 DLC cars and a book with 308 pages. We can understand the reason for these exclusive privileges to the Japanese while the UK and the US gamers will have to be content with the conventional bundles.

While the talks of the GT5 will subside after this announcement, what has got the gaming fraternity involved are the rumors of the GT6 already in the works!

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