Call of Duty Black Ops Will be Open to Community Modifications

August 23, 2010, By Atul Roach

Call of Duty has been a marathon gaming franchise for Activision which began on a PC and expanded to gaming consoles and what not. Over the years, numerous new titles have arrived for the game and most of them have succeeded in pleasing the fanatics. What is customary is that these avid gamers have had their share of problems with the titles and the most common complaints have been the lack of support for community modifications and dedicated servers.

Activision certainly looks in the mood to do all wrongs right with the next gaming title, Black Ops. What we’ve already heard is that the next title will feature support for dedicated servers and now comes the news of the title being open to community modifications.

This is huge news for PC gamers as the game will be getting a developer console and the ability to mod the game, implying that custom modifications will be welcome from hereon. Just in case you doubt this possibility, it is Treyarch (Black Ops developer) which has confirmed that the game title will be open to mods sometime post launch.

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