British Official Wants Medal of Honor to Be Banned in UK Shops, Calls It a Tasteless Product for Allowing You to Play Taliban

August 22, 2010, By Alex Ion

British Defence Secretary Liam Fox is trying to persuade shops in the UK to ban the latest game in the Medal of Honor Series. Fox was “disgusted and angry” by the fact that the new MoH allows the player to act as a Taliban and fight against NATO troops.

“It’s hard to believe any citizen of our country would wish to buy such a thoroughly un-British game. I would urge retailers to show their support for our armed forces and ban this tasteless product,” he said.

The new Medal of Honor (yes, the one where everyone has beards) no longer recreates the WWII battling theatre, it now enters the modern day setting of a war-torn Afghanistan seen though the lens of a small band of fictional characters.

Medal of Honor 2010

While this upsets people like Dr. Fox who may consider it “anti-troops,” or “pro-Taleban” or “pro-al-Qaeda”, the new Medal of Honor should only be seen as a Team A vs Team B kind of game. It’s not about politics.

On YouTube there are clips showing Taliban soldiers fighting in southern Helmand province, where UK forces are based, soldiers who are being told to stop the coalition “at all costs”. Yes, that means you earn points for every allied troop you kill, but that’s what first-person-shooters (FPSs) are all about — neutralize enemies and gain score.

Officials from Electronic Arts commented that “The format of the new Medal of Honor game merely reflects the fact that every conflict has two sides.

“We give gamers the opportunity to play both sides. Most of us have been doing this since we were seven: someone plays the cop, someone must be robber.

“In Medal of Honor multiplayer, someone’s got to be the Taliban,” they added.

The new Medal of Honor is expected to be released in less than two months, on October 12. This isn’t the end of it, we really expect to see fake outrage when the game comes out.

How about you, would you feel offended by such a game?

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