Cyclops, Apocalypse, Polaris, And Magneto To Appear In Marvel Vs Capcom 3? UPDATE: Fake.

August 21, 2010, By Christian Davis

With all the chatter about who the remaining characters in Marvel Vs Capcom 3, we now have more potential leaks for the game. seems to have revealed four more characters to appear in the franchises long awaited sequel. Cyclops, Apocalypse, Solaris, and Magneto are all likely to appear in the next game.

The Youtube video, shown below, shows an article displaying the four characters in the same positions that were shown in the many silhouetted characters that were revealed when the game was first released. Magneto and Cyclops are returning favorites from the game franchise and will be welcomed by all fans. Apocalypse will more than likely appear as a boss character, but don’t be surprised if he’s playable as well because Doramamu was also thought to be a boss character and clearly that wasn’t the case.

Polaris was completely unexpected. She’s assisted the X-men in past comics and even fell in love with X-me’s Havok. Marvel vs Capcom 3 is still buzzing with excitement and will not stop. With even more characters still not revealed, there’s no way of guessing who will be in the upcoming blockbuster hit.

Here’s the video leak below.

UPDATE: Yes, the video below is fake. I emailed a few people to find some truth to this. Marvel has said that they didn’t want Cyclops in the game this time around. Odds are, due to him being a fan favorite, I think he’ll be DLC down the line.

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